Visit Copenhagens’s Amazing Museums

If you want to Visit Copenhagens’s Amazing Museums – this guide is for you! Explore the many art opportunities of the city with this quick and easy guide to 20 must-visit museums of Copenhagen and nearby.

The city offers a variety of diverse and spectacular museums. From world‑class art collections to architectural trends ‑ to Viking artifacts and history museums.

Copenhagen’s different museums offer something for everyone to explore! The city is rich in history, culture, and art, and the many different museums reflect this.

The National Museum

Photo: @nationalmuseet

The National Museum showcases everything from Viking treasures to Egyptian mummies, Renaissance art, and much more. Embark on a journey through time here! Find opening hours and read more here.

The Glyptotek

Photo: @glyptoteket

Here you will find a stunning building with lofty ceilings and a spectacular winter garden with palm trees encircling a fountain and pond. Find opening hours and read more here.

Danish Architecture Center

Photo: @danisharchitecturecenter

The museum’s ever-changing exhibitions spotlight the newest architectural trends, coupled with perspectives from renowned Danish architects. Find opening hours and read more here.

Copenhagen Contemporary

Photo: @copenhagen_contemporary /photo by Florian Holzherr

This space showcases a diverse array of installation art created by established artists and up-and-coming talents from across the globe. The place is one of the most prominent contemporary art venues in Scandinavia. Find opening hours and read more here.

Thorvaldsens Museum

Photo: @thorvaldsensmuseum

Honoring and celebrating the work of world-famous Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. Find opening hours and read more here.

The David Collection

Photo: @thedavidcollection_

This gallery houses Scandinavia’s most extensive Islamic art collections, including jewelry, ceramics, silk, and exquisite Egyptian works. Find opening hours and read more here.

The Open Air Museum

Photo: @frilandsmuseet

Frilandsmuseet is an open-air museum in Lyngby on the northern outskirts of Copenhagen. It is a proper full-day trip. The buildings here date from the 17th to the 19th century and have been maintained with period-appropriate decor relating to Danish rural life. They include peasants’ cottages, farmhouses, windmills, fishermen’s shacks, firehouses, and factories, all presented without signage as if you had just wandered into the past. Admission is free, but you must take two trains to get here. Find opening hours and read more here.

Nikolaj Kunsthal

Photo: @nikolajkunsthal/ photo by: @david_stjernholm

A unique modern art gallery inside a former church. The space is known for its exhibitions of international contemporary art and the exceptional view from its tower. Find opening hours and read more here.

Charlottenborg Kunsthal

Photo: @kunsthalcharlottenborg /photo by: @david_stjernholm

Charlottenborg Kunsthal is an enchanting exhibition space for contemporary art. You will also find a lovely courtyard, creating a peaceful ambiance with its calm environment. Find opening hours and read more here.

The Workers Museum 

Photo: @arbejdermuseet_workersmuseum

The Workers Museum shows the history of the Danish working class. Explore the original rooms and apartments of Danish people throughout the decades! Find opening hours and read more here.

Amalienborg Museum: part of The Royal Danish Collection

Photo: @amalienborgmuseum

The Amalienborg Museum, which is part of Christian VIII’s Palace offers a look into Here you can e.g. into Christian X’s study, the Fabergé Chamber, and even the Gala Hall, which is still used by the royal family on special occasions. Find opening hours and read more here.


Photo: @cisternerne /photo by: Torben Eskerod

The Cisterns are the former water reservoirs for Copenhagen, located under the green grass of Søndermarken (next to Frederiksberg Castle and Frederiksberg Garden). Here, in a massive underground space, you’ll find exciting and dynamic contemporary art. Find opening hours and read more here.

Designmuseum Denmark

Photo: @designmuseumdanmark

This newly renovated museum building offers exhibitions about design then, now, and in the future! Find opening hours and read more here.

The Bakkehus Museum 

Photo: @bakkehusetmuseet

The Bakkehus Museum focuses on romanticism and the Golden Age and offers food from its culinary orangery. Find opening hours and read more here.

Rosenborg Castle 

Photo: @rosenborgcastle

At Rosenborg Castle, visitors can travel back in time and through the possessions of Christian IV and his heirs to get a sense of everyday life and the festive aspects of royal life. Find opening hours and read more here.

Kunstforeningen GL STRAND. 

Photo: @kunstglstrand /photo by: @david_stjernholm

Experience a modern art gallery with a focus on young artists at GL STRAND. Find opening hours and read more here.


Photo: @louisianamuseum

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is located outside of Copenhagen in Humlebæk, North Sealand, but the museum is worth the trip. In a beautiful old park with panoramic views, you will find the leading international art museum and an absolute top attraction. Art, nature, and architecture are combined in a total experience here. Find opening hours and read more here.

SMK – National Gallery of Denmark

Photo: @smkmuseum

SMK offers an outstanding collection of both Danish and International art. Enjoy the grand masters of art history along with cutting-edge contemporary artists and the rising stars of the art scene here! Find opening hours and read more here.


Photo: @arkenmuseum /photo by: @david_stjernholm

ARKEN is a monumental building and museum situated outside of Copenhagen but reachable with a short drive or train ride from Copenhagen. The museum has one of Scandinavia’s finest collections of contemporary art, and its maritime-inspired architecture has won recognition at home and abroad since it opened in 1996. Find opening hours and read more here.


Photo: @ordrupgaard

Ordrupgaard is an art museum close to Dyrehaven and Jægersborg in Greater Copenhagen. The museum is known for its large collection of French and Danish pieces from the 19th and 20th centuries. Find opening hours and read more here.

Immerse yourself in Copenhagens Museums

Copenhagen has relatively many rainy days. This is another great reason to dive into and explore the great museum scene of the city. The rainy days are cozy spend and immersing and educating yourself in the world of museums.

Thanks for reading along. Check out our other guides to Copenhagen’s diverse and cool opportunities here!






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